What is Mustangsandmore.com?

We are a group of people who LOVE our Fords. We come from all walks of life.
Our group has members ranging in age from their teens to their sixties.

What is the history of Mustangsandmore.com?

I'm often asked how Mustangsandmore.com came to be.

It all started in a 166 meg computer in Saco, Maine...

Actually, Alex {Moneymaker} Denysenko was the moderator of a Classic Mustang forum on another web site. I had started surfing the web in January '99 and I found virtually all Mustang web sites pretty sad. They were mostly run by people with questionable knowledge, and Alex was one of the very few that I came across that knew what he was talking about and I was impressed with him and how entertaining he was, as well. I was also disappointed in all the flaming, cursing and general childishness that runs rampant in a lot of the web sites I visited. I was a guy in my late thirties then, and I've been around the block a few times, and I wanted to find a place with a friendly atmosphere, knowledgable gearheads, and no juvenile language or attitudes.

When I couldn't find a place like that, I decided to create one.

My luck could not have gotten better when Alex had a huge fight with the administrator of his web site and quit. I contacted Alex and asked him if he would be interested in putting together a web site for adults with manners that knew what they were talking about. Alex said the idea sounded great and to put together a web site and he'd be on board.

I had put up just a personal web site, and knew virtually nothing about web sites in general, and nothing about message boards at all, but I jumped in, registered a web name, {Alex thought up 'Mustangsandmore.com -- I wanted to call it 'The Ford Zone' and use 'Twilight Zone' graphics.} rented the web space, bought a UBB message board license and hired them to install it, and jumped in. I've made tons of mistakes, but I can truely say I've worked my heart out at it. It's a full time obsession, to say the least. {check my number of posts, if you don't believe me...}

I fund all the expenses of the web space rental, UBB program updates and repairs, and other things that pop up, and we are at the point where the sales of Amazon.com and t-shirts and ads {ExpressParts.com is turning out to be a huge flop--nobody has ordered anything since last September, so I'll be dropping that soon} are coming close to meeting what it costs to run this site. I look forward to the day when the web site starts to pay it's own way, and even pay back the $2-3k I've sunk in it.

Soon after we started, Sam, who we had known from the other web site, joined us. I liked his temperment and sense of humor so much I virtually forced him to become one of the moderators. I knew he had the personality to be our friendly barkeep at 'Sam's Place.'

Members started coming and staying, and we've held true to our prime directive of NO flaming, NO cursing, NO disrespect, and NO BS. To date I have removed 12 members that didn't play by the rules, but I think the web site we have developed has been made better for that reason.

Another aspect I wanted to develop with this web site was the inclusion of women. I was appalled by the way I've seen women treated on other sites, and I am happy to see we have built up a place where women, whether they are into the technical stuff or not, are welcome. The main reason we created 'Sam's Place' in the first place was to establish a lounge when everyone one could feel comfortable. I think it works well!

This is a good time to thank all the moderators, who all keep things rolling and fun.

But most of all, we thank the members, those gearheads that keep coming back day after day to share their hobby, their peeves, their opinions, their technical knowledge, their ups, their downs... Their lives! ~SteveLaRiviere

What is this web site all about?

Mustangsandmore.com is a web site where Ford lovers can come and meet other Ford enthusiasts, learn about their Ford vehicles, ask and answer technical questions, find Ford related parts and services, discuss Ford racing events, place ads to buy or sell Ford vehicles or parts, find out about Ford related shows or events, or just enjoy the company of other Ford nuts. We have one major rule:Respect. All members must respect each other. We don't allow flame wars {arguments between members}, or profanity {swearing}. We follow the Golden Rule here, and treat each other as we'd like to be treated. Our friendliness is what makes us stand out among web sites.

How do I register?

At the top of the Forum Directory and each Forum Page, you'll see the following section at the top right hand side:
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Select 'register,' and then just follow the directions.

How do I navigate the web site?

On the front page on the left you'll see links to the different areas of the web site, and you will also see a box at the bottom of the main page as well as each individual forum page.

Welcome to M&M, and enjoy!

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